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A Book Review – The Little Book of Calm

By Paul Wilson

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Short Summary

The Little Book of Calm is a small booklet (8.5cm x 9.5cm in size precisely) containing 155 pieces of useful advice for achieving calmness. It is a very handy book and you can carry it anywhere to read anytime.

All the advice offered in this book are separate messages so you don’t need to follow a specific order to read this book. So feel free to pull it out anytime then do a random page turn. Every page offers you with a short advice on how to remain calm and learn to become a calm person.

The language used is easy to understand and it takes you small effort to try working out the recommendations.

Calm. Finding a path to inner peace and regaining balance in your life

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Personal thoughts

I received this book as a gift from my school teacher more than 20 years ago and happened to locate it inside my dusted book shelf a few weeks before I decided to start this Calm Reading site.

Despite 20 years have passed (note: the book was first published back in 1996), all the wisdom in this book never got old and the advice are still fully applicable to our modern day lives. As a site aiming to promote calmness through reading, I regard this book as one of the founding books of this site.

Personally, to learn to be a calm person is a life long process and it is especially important in this increasingly complicated world.

I copy out three of my favorite advice in the book to share with you in the session below.

My favorite direct quotations

“The most important skill in staying calm is not to lose sleep over small issues. The second most important skill is to be able to view all issues as small issues.

Disregard small issues

“If you practise being calm in a certain place – say, a favourite chair or park bench – soon your subconscious will associate feelings of calm with that particular place.

Train A Calm Place

“A smile relaxes all the major facial muscles. It also sets off an emotional chain reaction that invariably helps you feel good.

Go On, Smile

The Mouse talks to The Creator

Is there a place where you will feel the calmest?

Home. Definitely it’s my home where I am with my beloved family. When I see them happy I will be at my calmest form.

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Calm. Finding a path to inner peace and regaining balance in your life

(Paid link via Amazon)

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