The Mouse

Calm Reading

This is ChubbiCheese!

Please meet ChubbiCheese, The “Self-Help” Mouse.

ChubbiCheese is a chubby and wise mouse who likes to read and learn.

When creating the site for Calm Reading, the Creator thought it would be good if he has a helpful virtual assistant to help him do some ground work such as reading and looking up quality books, and perform administrative tasks such as posting web entries, marketing and monetizing the site in order to keep it going. Ta-da! ChubbiCheese was born for this purpose.

In addition to his crazy love for cheese, ChubbiCheese also craves for knowledge and loves sniffing around for quality books and reading them. He especially enjoys reading Self-Help books.

He is very curious about the world and loves to ask questions and learn. You will always find his presence in Calm Reading when you hang around here for long enough!

ChubbiCheese wears a pair of charming red glasses to make himself look even more intelligent.

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