Improve and change your life by taking “One More” step.

A Book Review – The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success

By Ed Mylett

The Power of One More. Are you willing to improve by taking "One More" step?
The Power of One More. Are you willing to improve by taking “One More” step?

Who is this book for?

“The Power of One More” is a powerful book, not just literally by its name, but also by the value of its content. This is definitely one of the most impactful self-help books I have read so far in life, and it is a must-read for any person who is seeking (and willing) to makes changes for improving his or her life.

What is “The Power of One More” about?

The author, Ed Mylett, is a very successful entrepreneur and a well-known Internet influencer. This book is a consolidated collection of valuable philosophies, strategies and advices based on Ed’s 30 years of life experiences. The knowledge shared are written with solid practicality and can be very much applied to our modern-day encounters.

Ed invented and regarded the group of people who are willing to improve and change for good as “One More Persons”. In order to grasp the “Power of One More” at its core, you needed to be willing to act and think “one more”. Be it making one more sales call, building one more relationship or making one more attempt. All these “one more” acts add together to improve your life and turn you into a better person.

This book helps you improve life and become a better person. But it also requires your willingness to accept and your determination to act.

The book is divided into 19 chapters and I view there are three main sections. The first few chapters are about how to reshape your identity and thoughts internally. The middle chapters advise on how to set goals and achieving them. The last part is about leadership and the importance of being equanimous.

If you are willing to read through all 19 chapters attentively, you will feel empowered when you finish and ready to transform your life. I truly felt the power of this book after completing it.

4 Key takeaways from “The Power of One More”

I would like to share my 4 key takeaways from some of my favorite chapters below.

One More by Ed Mylett

Be a better person by taking “One More” step.

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1. Your identity aligns with internal self-worth (Chapter 1: One More Identity)

Ed introduced to us the concept of an “identity thermostat”. Simply put, it’s a metaphor that suggests the way you measure your internal self-worth is similar to how a thermostat regulates its temperature. Everyone has an internal thermostat, that is how we view our net worth internally. The external encounters we face in life are like how external environments affect a thermostat.

If we do not have enough confidence or we have not established our self-worth well enough, our self-identity would easily crumble subject to external impacts. This is exactly like how a thermostat would act by easily adjusting itself to its “constant” temperature when the external climate changes.

The key is to learn how to build appropriate self-confidence which would help you tune your “identity thermostat” to adopt to external changes. I will leave it for you to find out more from the book.

“Self-confident people share one habit in common, and that is the ability to keep the promises they make to themselves”

Chapter 1 One more identity

2. Your obsessions become your possessions (Chapter 2: One More and Living in Your Matrix)

Have you watched the movie The Matrix (1999)? Ed made reference to this popular science fiction movie to give you a better understanding on this concept he’s teaching. He pointed out that we are all living in our own form of Matrix by viewing things in our own ways. More scientifically, our brain functions under a “Reticular Activating System” (RAS) which helps us filter out matters which are important to us.

Did you ever have the experience that you were thinking of something all the time during a period, for example a cool sports car, and then you discovered such item would keep appearing in your life? This is no magic, but the actual mechanism of how our brain functions under the RAS. Our mind helps us filter out matters that we care about and focus on.

By understanding how our internal mind system works, we can now make good use of it and open ourselves up to great opportunities in our lives.

Be obsessed about something righteous and valuable, and your RAS would help you greatly to acquire or possess such results.

3. Goals and standard go hand in hand (Chapter 9 and  10: One More Goal and Higher Standard)

There are tons of resources and materials outside teaching us how to set life goals and no doubt most of us are good at it. However usually after setting goals, most of the time we fail to achieve them and we have no clue why. Ed pointed out two key revelations for our reference:

  • We should create our best goals when we are at our peak state. Meaning which we are setting goals when we are at the optimal state of operating out of our imagination and dreams, instead of out of our histories and fears.
  • After our goals setting, we needed to constantly set our standards at a very high bar to attain such goals. Only by doing so would we be able to get closer to our goals. Ed advised that we are most likely unable to reach our goals, but reassured us that throughout the process we would be able to benefit from the good consequences of setting a high standard.

Based on the above, my interpretation is that our attitude is of the utmost importance for working towards our goals. We should treat our goals with seriousness and set high standards for ourselves to approach the goals step by step.

4. Life is short, treat life with urgency (Chapter 19: One Last One More)

The author shared a personal story about his dad, who has always been his hero and role model. However, his dad had alcohol issues when Ed was young which greatly damaged his dad’s health and relationships with others. After years of suffering, his dad faced a dramatic dilemma when he was handed an ultimatum from Ed’s mother: to quit drinking or lose his family.

Ed’s dad successfully came out sober after this incident and lived a life with no more reliance on alcohol.

“Changes come when you understand you have one last chance.” This is what Ed wanted us to understand.

We should treat life with urgency. Our loved ones are here today does not mean they will always be here the next day you wake up. This “One Last One More” mentality reminds us that life is short, and we should always respect and appreciate time. By doing this, we would be willing to make changes and become a better person.


All in all, “The Power of One More” is an excellent read that empowers you with confidence and equanimity. There are so much value on each page of this book, and I encourage you to read it and feel it yourself.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like the content and I will see you again in the next post.

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One More by Ed Mylett

Be a better person by taking “One More” step.

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